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It All Starts with a Professional Website

The best way to reach the people you need is through a professionally designed and developed website. The internet has been a powerful force for reaching a large audience and continues to become more and more powerful to this day. A website is no longer optional or a luxury. It is a necessary asset in today's digital age. We strive to conquer this world through modern design, technologies, and a strategy that makes finding information simple for your audience.

Benefits of this service:

Look Professional

Beautiful, modern, & functional

A website shows that you mean serious business. You need to show the world that you are ready and prepared to compete in this fast changing world. Reach everyone that is interested in your brand, both young and old with a modern and easy to navigate design. Invest in the longevity of your name.

Increase Visibility

Stay in view now & tomorrow

So many people are online now. Your website can reach anyone looking for your service. It is an easy and effective way to find people ready to spend money on what you have to offer. Even today, the number of people who conduct an online search before committing to a brand or service is rapidly increasing. This number will only continue to rise with future generations.

Better Customer Service

Communicate more efficiently

Give your customers all the information they need. Nobody wants to sift through obscure online directories. These often are not even current. Keep customers informed and show them where to find you. Give your customers an authoritative source for all things about your brand.

Take on Competition

Make sure you're who they find

Large corporations are expanding their reach all the time. Be ready to compete with them in your town by allowing your customers to see you. If the competition is not online, customers will see you first. Have an amazing source of content for those who search now. Be the first brand the up-and-coming buyers see when the look for your service.

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Scary Tech Handled

There is much more to getting online than just building a website. You have to ask questions about who to use for all the different services needed. Running your business is time consuming. If you do not know the technology, you probably do not have the time to learn all the necessary parts. If you do know the technology, you are still faced with the grueling process of researching all the vendors available. We will handle all the aspect of our services from setup to customer support. We are your go to for everything.

Benefits of this service:

Plan Creation

Venture comfortably with us... in the direction you need to go

Here at Local Eye, we will not just push a pricy plan on you. We are here to guide you and work with your budget and goals. We will meet with you and go over all the different options and services available so you can get online the way you want.

No Hassle Setup

We don't like passing on homework

You picked a plan. Now what? For you, just sit back and let us make it come to life. Setup can be hard, even when purchasing services through vendors. You will not have to learn any new technology or how it works. We will handle it all for you.

One-Stop Cusotmer Support

Don't get confused with multiple vendors

The world of technology can be a strange one and stuff undoubtedly goes wrong from time to time. Handling your own vendor relations can lead to many calls and call queue. We handle these relationships for you so you only have to contact us.

Tailored to Business Needs

Always with your best interest in mind

There are many services available to you. We identify what you need and keep it affordable. If you have a local shop we are not going to try to run a $10,000 email campaign. We are going to provide what is needed to reach the customers in your reach.

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The Modern Age Hangouts

You have your website, but how can we enhance your online presence? Let us get you involved in the modern age social hubs. People have move to social media to get updates, share information, and browse their favorite businesses. We can get you involved and show your customers a personal touch through our social media management services.

Benefits of this service:

Account Creation

Get everything set up correctly... the first time

There are many different social media sources you can be a part of. We can get together and work out a plan to get you on the ones you need. From there, we will set up all your pages so they look professional and ready for business.

Link Your Online Presence

Have your content wherever the audience is

Let everyone know where they can connect with you. No matter where the customer goes to see you, they can always find links to all your locations online. We'll add nice social buttons to your website so they can get to your pages directly from your site.

Content Updates

Always look alive

What good is social media if you are not social? If you create a page and are not updating your content it can actually be a negative thing for your business. People will stop seeing your updates. We will make sure that your social media page stays active with current, relevant, and trending content.

Customer Connection

Have a voice and a bond with your audience

Social media will give your customers a chance to connect with you, ask questions, and leave great reviews. Customers will be able to communicate and feel the friendly touch of your business regardless if they are at the store or not through messaging, comments, and event invites.

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A Friend to Guide You

The world of online presence is vast and ever-growing. With all the constant changes can come real confusion. It is nice to have someone there to make sure you are able to adapt and stay ahead of the competition. While change can be confusing, it also comes with a great deal of opportunity. There will always come a new way to enhance your online presence, reach new customers, and strengthen your image with existing customers. We are here to always keep you ahead.

Benefits of this service:

Get Honest Advice

Assessments with you in mind... not sales

With new opportunities always coming, it is nice to have a knowledgeable friend to help decide which paths will beneficiary to follow. Local Eye is here to help and continually grow your online presence. Whether you are just beginning with us, or if you have been in the Local Eye family for years, we love to see you succeed.

Learn New Solutions

Keep up with fast changes without it feeling like a second job

The tech world is full of information. This is great if you have the time to process it all, and most do not have that kind of time. We will be there with you and do our best to stay up to date on all the new tech news and opportunities for you to grow. We want to always be ready to show you how to dominate the digital age.

Contine to Boost Your Image

Solidify and perfect your presence

Did you know that there are thousands of apps you can add to your website? Did you know that there are affordable ways to run email and social media marketing campaigns? These are the types of things that will help you grow and expand even after you have established a strong online presence. We want to show you how to grow.

Join the Local Eye Family

Know someone that loves to help is in your corner

Here at Local Eye Media, we have a passion for helping out the businesses we serve. We do not want to see you as an account, but a member of the Local Eye family. We do not receive kickbacks from the vendors we work with so you can be assured that we will handle all consultations with only your business in mind. You allow us to do what we love!

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Solidify Your Identity

As a business, your brand is your identity. This is how people recognize you, remember you, and make the decision to engage you. Your brand can be whatever you want it to be, but you should make sure that your message is consistent. Local Eye Media, LLC. is ready to work side-by-side with you in order to create the culture and message you need in the community. From ideas, to graphics, to brand building content, Local Eye Media, LLC is ready to help develop your identity.

Benefits of this service:

Stand Out

Don't just be a service provider... be THE provider

One constant of business is competition. Many different companies can go after the same market area. A superior brand and a solid image is important so consumers do not just look towards the product, but they also fall in love with you! Give customers a real connection turn business deals into relationship builders.

Get a Perfect Logo

Be recognized immediately

The main image that people will correlate with your brand is your logo. If you do not yet have one, it's time to get some ideas. Local Eye Media can take care of your graphic design needs in order to make your online presence and branding a one stop issue. We want to help create a great visual image for customers to remember.

Receive Stellar Content

Always keep your audience interested

Everyone is seeing your logo and thinking of your product, but how can we make them think of you when your logo is not in sight. Get great content such as slogans, marketing emails, written website content, and more. Local Eye Media is here to help get your message sent out to the market in a fun and catchy way.

Stay Active with Customers

Keep your audience coming back

Part of developing and maintaining your brand is staying active with customers and providing regular content updates. Gathering and developing this content can be strenuous and time consuming. This is not something everyone can adequately take on themselves, especially at an optimal volume. Local Eye Media has the solution as we create the media content you need.

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Get Your Image on Everything

Media can stretch into many different areas. You have gained a significant following and have left a mark in social media, but it's time to remember the other great ways to enhance your image. Let Local Eye Media, LLC create beautiful digital and physical media for your company. From business cards, digital flyers, posters, letterhead, or almost anything you can think of, Local Eye Media, LLC will take your ideas and craft them to display your brand to the world!

Benefits of this service:

Gain Brand Recognition

Be recognized in every interaction

The best way to make people familiar with your brand is to get your image and your name in front of the consumer's eyes as often as you can. We will make sure that whenever you send out a letter, pass out a business card, or participate in any other customer interaction; your image is ready and looking professional.

Remove Tedious Tasks

Don't take yourself away from your business operations

Creating a great letter head, envelope, or promotional item takes time to perfect. There are many different services and software packages that all work different and have a large learning curve to truly master. Local Eye Media wants to save you that time. We will take your ideas, gather what you need, and make your vision real.

Increase Awareness of Online Presence

Point back to where people can find you

Your online presence is the best and most affordable way to get your message and your image out to the world. Supplementing this with physical or email marketing can boost awareness about your online locations. Customers can see your image, your website, and your social media pages so they know where to visit.

Make Marketing Fun

Enjoy the journey with us

Here at Local Eye Media, we know how fulfilling it can be to see an item with our logo on it, and we want you to have that same feeling. Along with the marketing benefits, there is a sense of pride and enjoyment that comes with sending out a company letterhead as opposed to a plain sheet of paper. Let us put your brand in the spotlight.

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