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WINGS in Dublin, GA has a new website

We here at Local Eye Media are excited to announce that WINGS in Dublin, GA has a brand new website.

WINGS is a family violence and sexual assault intervention program that is making a difference in Laurens, Bleckley, Dodge, Johnson, Telfair, Wilcox, and Wilkinson counties in Georgia. The great people at WINGS provide safety and advocacy for victims while also offering education and empowerment to the communities on what a healthy relationship is and raising awareness on this issue.

Please take a minute to view their new website and support a local non-profit with a great cause:


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The Ultimate Salesperson Many Businesses Miss

You know the significance of a well-run sales department if you’re a business owner. If you are a small business without a true sales team, you know the importance of converting those that come into contact with your business into paying customers. Sales is what keeps our businesses alive, our roofs over our heads, and our economy thriving. If this aspect of your business is so vital, you would never want to cut corners, right? Wouldn’t you want the have the very best conversion system you could afford?

I already know that any business leader agrees with what has been said. With no cash flow, there is no payroll. Think with me as we break down some numbers about the business cost of a sales person. US News shows us that the average salesperson made $66,790 last year (source: http://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/sales-representative/salary). Then we add Social Security tax at 6.2%, which will add approximately $4,141. Add in Medicare tax at 1.45%, and you pay another $968. Don’t forget the Federal Unemployment Tax Act at 6% of the first $7,000 to rack up another $420. This varies by state, but let’s say this employer is in Georgia and will pay 2.7 % on the first $9,500 for a new employee. This will add an additional $257. Worker’s Compensation insurance can also vary but we will say that it comes to about 1.85% for this employer to tack on another $1,236. Just when we thought we were done, we just need to throw in a benefits package. The average annual premium for an employer-sponsored health package was $18,142 (woah) with an employee paying an average of $5,277 (source: http://www.ncsl.org/research/health/health-insurance-premiums.aspx). Let’s say it cost the employer  $12,865.

After all this, the price of your totally normal salesperson is………….. $86,677!

This is fair, as your salespeople are the key to elevating your business. This is the price of a normal sales rep (give or take a few for your neck of the woods). What if you had a sales rep that worked 24/7/365, though? What if I knew of a salesperson that could be right in front of your customer anywhere in the world, at any time of day, whenever the customer has an interest in the product or service you sell? What if I could give your company a salesperson that could present the exact message in the exact manner you wanted every single time they encountered a customer? How much would you pay for that salesperson?

The salesperson I’m talking about has not been hired by over 52% of small businesses. That’s including the fact that, after an upfront fee, this salesperson only costs about $50 a month on the high side and doesn’t need any health benefits! Why wouldn’t you hire them?

Businesses without websites are missing out. Around 80% of customers are now researching companies online before purchasing. Many customers don’t want the high-pressure situations of reps trying to close them. They also have a great advantage now that they can find any bit of information they need online. Whenever someone has a need or interest they can pull out their laptop, tablet, or phone and find what they need. This is a behavior that is taking over consumers and it’s growing every year. If you’re not putting your information in front of them when they want it, you lose. Trust me, there are plenty of competitors ready to fill that spot.

One of the biggest reasons that small businesses miss out on this great tool for growth is the cost. I’m going to skip the hidden cost of losing consumers to competitors or having them give up when they can’t find their hours or service. Instead, I’ll focus on the number. A small business website can vary depending on what you need, but on average you can look at an initial investment of $2,000-$7,500. That is not a recurring cost, just a one time fee for design and development. You can register your domain name for $10 a year. Then you may pay up to $50 a month for hosting and to have a company manage that aspect for you so you don’t have to worry. You could also pull this off for about $15 a month if you want to manage it yourself. Let’s say you’re really serious and want to throw in search engine optimization services and social media management services to drive traffic to your site at $1,500-$3,000 a month. Then to top it off, you want to get in front of everyone’s eyes and put $10,000 a year into social media and search engine ads. On the low-end, you will pay around $2,380 over two years. On the high-end, you could get an extremely robust package for about $93,220 over two years (this is why your web developer says it varies when you ask about cost). Compared to an average salesperson, which will cost your company $173,354 over 24 months, you can save between 46.23% and 98.63%. This tool will cut your cost per conversion even when you purchase a minimal solution.

Why would you let your business miss out on this salesperson? I’d love to hear why you still think that you shouldn’t take advantage of the extraordinary chance you have in this day and age to reach a massive amount of customers and present your brand to everyone looking for what you are selling. If you think your business does not need this solution, feel free to discuss it with me. I won’t bite. Also, if you realize your business needs more sales and more customers, I’d love to make that happen for you. Give me a call or email me today, and I’ll help you come up with a great online strategy. Contact me here:

Phone: 256-684-3700

Email: hello@localeyemedia.com

Contact Form: www.localeyemedia.com/contact

I love business, and I love watching success. I never want to see anyone left behind in this fast-paced digital world. It never hurts to reach out for help, and it always pays off to make improvements so you can survive, grow, and thrive.

I’ll see you online.

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NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH: Dublin Laurens County Humane Society

Local Eye Media, LLC is happy to announce that we have officially launched the brand new website for Dublin Laurens County Humane Society. Come view the new site and learn a little bit more about your local animal shelter, see the dogs and cats available, and see the latest new from DLCHS. You can view the site here:


If you or someone you know is in need of a website contact us today and be on your way to obtaining a beautiful online presence. We can be reached the following ways:

Phone: 256-684-3700

Email: hello@localeyemedia.com

Contact form: www.localeyemedia.com/contact/

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Don’t fear. Create a website in 5 minutes (for beginners)

Technology is a wonderful thing. It streamlines tasks in our lives, it provides hours of entertainment, and it opens the door to a world of technological professions and hobbies. Something that holds people back from learning a new technical skill, whether it be for work or for pleasure, is the fear of the unknown. With no prior knowledge, you may see a huge page of complex code or see a hacker in a movie type away at blazing speeds and think, “I could never do that.” First, that is not how hacking works at all. Second, nobody writes extremely complex code right away. It can be easy and fun to begin this journey and each new item learned can build upon the last until you are an expert at the programming language you want to learn.

Today I want to start you out on your journey (those who know what they’re doing, post a comment about your intro so others can see). There are many programming languages out there with pros and cons for each. Since this is a web development company, we will start out with two main languages used to create websites called HTML and CSS (for those more advanced, JavaScript will be covered in a later lesson).

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and used “tags” to place content such as text and images onto your site. To get started, pull up Notepad if you are on Windows or TextEdit if you are on a Mac. If you are on Linux, I’m positive you know how to do what is being taught here :).  We need to type in the basic structure of a website, and it should look like the following:site-structure

Ok, now let’s explain what happened there. The different words wrapped in the “<>” symbols are called tags, with one exception. The very first line we see is called the DOCTYPE declaration. This is technically not a “tag,” but it is an important part of your document. This gives an instruction to the web browser about what version of HTML it will be reading. Luckily, with the latest version, HTML5, it is quite simple to declare. We simply create our DOCTYPE declaration by typing “<!DOCTYPE>” and then adding our version “html” (this represents HTML5) within the declaration for our text “<!DOCTYPE html>” on line 1.

The next item below that is the <html> tag. Notice how at the bottom we see this tag again but with a “/” added. This is because most tags need an opening and a closing tag. There are some that are self-closing, but we will not be going into that here. This tag tells the web browser that the HTML code will take place inside of here. The <head> tag is where we will put some information about our site for the web browser to read, and it will be the first thing we put inside the <html> tag. We can tell the browser things like what styles we want the site to have, give the site a description, or give the site a title. In our example, we used the <title> tag to title this site “Making a website is fun!” Notice that we opened the title tag with <title> and we also made sure to close it with </title> so the browser knows where to stop reading when looking for the title. You can make this title whatever you like, so go ahead and put your desired title in between your title tags.

Below the <head> tag is the <body> tag. This is where the visible aspects of the website will be. For our website, we will be using 3 different tags. We will us the <h1>, <h3>, and <p> tags. These are the “heading 1”, “heading 2”, and “paragraph” tags. The header tags range from <h1> to <h6> and decrease in size as the number associated increases. The paragraph tag can be used for general text on the website. To add these, we will type them (the opening and closing tags) into the <body> of our document. It should look like this:site-structure

Now we have the main header, a sub-header, and some simple text. We should have some fun and see what it looks like so far! To do this we need to save this file as a “.html” file. Select “save as” for your document and select where you would like to save it. For the name put “website.html” (or another name if and only if you include .html at the end) and save the document. Go ahead and open the file in your web browser. You may need to right-click and select “open with…” in order to choose your preferred web browser. Here is a screenshot of how you can do it on Windows 10 (my operating system of choice):site-structure

You should see a very basic website that looks something like this:site-structure

If you see this on your screen then congratulations! You’ve officially made your first website. This was good, but I think you are up for more. I think we should style it up a little bit. For this, we will need to make use of another language, CSS.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is used to style the content on our page.  We can use it to change the size, color, position, and an exhaustive list of all the visual aspects for our tags. Now since we are going to a language other than HTML, we need to let the web browser know that it needs to translate our styles as CSS. To do this we will add the <style> tag to the <head> of our document. Remember to open and close the tag. It should look like this:site-structure

Now anything the web browser reads in between the <style> tags will be seen as CSS. Today we will learn one of the most basic ways to target what we want to edit. We can simply type in the name of the tag that we are wanting to edit followed by “{}”. Inside the curly braces, we will put the styles that we want to have. Sound confusing? Make it look like this here, and I promise you will start to get the hang of it:site-structure

We have added each tag that is displayed in our body into our stylesheet. Notice that each item is what is found within the “<>” for each tag. So if we wanted to change a style for the <h1> tag, we would define the styles inside the “{}” that follows “h1” in the <style> tag. The format for this will be “{ (what style we want to modify) : (how we want to define it); }”. I know that probably looks confusing, but look at the examples we will use. For this website, we will modify one item for each tag. We will use “text-align”, “color”, “background-color”, and “font-size”. There are many other things we can modify, but we will use these as examples. Make your document match up with the following:site-structure

Notice how we added one item that we want to style to each tag and after the “:” we put what property that style will have. Save the document and refresh the page in your web browser. You should see something like this:site-structure

Look at those neat styles you’ve added to your site! If it did not come out right, go back and see if you can find the error. Sometimes a tiny detail can make a big difference. You can play around with these styles and change the colors and sizes. Make sure to save the document and refresh the page to see the changes you’ve made. You can make it look an infinite number of different ways.

This was an introduction to the two basic languages that you can use to build a website. I really hope you enjoyed it and felt like you learned something. If you are confused, don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments or even contact me. If you enjoyed this, I would encourage you to play around with the document we made and look into other tags and styles that can be used on your page. A great resource would be W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.

If you or someone you know needs a website, please contact us here at Local Eye Media, LLC. We would love to work with you and create a beautiful and modern web presence for you to bring to the world. Whether you need a website for your business, a blog, a portfolio, or any other reason, we can bring you top quality work to present to your audience. We can always be reached by phone at 256-684-3700 or by email at hello@localeyemedia.com.

Keep on learning!


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One major thing that will stunt your career (and life) growth

Many from my generation are frustrated. We’re presented with a grim picture of the world daily. I’m told there are no jobs for us. I hear we were forced into copious amounts of student loan debt (another article needed for this one. Don’t get me started here). Apparently, some feel we’re lazy and can’t be trusted. The last generation will retire and open up all kinds of opportunities in the job market in, well, I have no idea how many years we’ll be waiting for that one.

The idea that we are hopeless is thrown in my face every day, but that doesn’t scare me at all. I look out and what scares me is this one word: complacency. I hear complaints without any action, and I see dreams left behind with no real reason. There are recent graduates that are saying they feel trapped in debt and then buy an expensive car. People complain about the position they have at work but do nothing after 5 when they get off to grow their skills. I watch too many of my millennial peers (and gen X peers. Yes, you too) take in all of the negative aspects of our financial and career opportunities, realize that there is a problem that we need to overcome, and then just accept it without a fight.

Now if you’re like me, you refuse to accept this as your reality. Complacency will kill your career advancements, wreak havoc your future financial well-being, and (to me the saddest of all) steal away your dreams. Never accept less because you’re worried about the hard work it will take to get where you want. Don’t ever give up because you don’t immediately see a solution. Most of all, don’t react to the negative situations kicking, screaming, and complaining. That behavior is for babies. You need to stand up, take action, and shape your own reality.

This article is not meant to just be all hype with no real solution. There is a reason for hope. With all the negative that is cast our way these days, sometimes we forget a great advantage that we have. We live in an age where we have access to nearly any piece of information we want to know for little or no money at all. Never had the chance to attend college? Go learn every day. Graduated but need to know more to get the job you want? Go learn every day. Are you 40 but you never got the chance to go down the path you truly wanted? Go learn every day. With an internet connection and maybe a few dollars, you can learn what you want to know. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you some resources to get you started off. By the way, none of these are paid endorsements. I just want to help you learn.

Ways to kill complacency

  1. Udemy – This site is an awesome collection of online courses for nearly any topic you can think of. There are both free and paid courses available. Typically you will get more out of the paid courses, but most are for an extremely reasonable price. You can also find promo codes all the time with a little digging. If you’re interested in web development and you have no experience, I would suggest looking at some of the courses offered by Brad Hussey.
  2. edX – If you’ve ever wanted to attend an Ivy League school, then this is your chance. This site allows you to take courses from places like Harvard, Columbia, MIT, and more completely free. While you may not have had the chance or the money to attend one of these schools, you do have the chance to learn what they teach. Take a minute to see how much knowledge is available here.
  3. Udacity – This one costs a little more but has great information for those looking to work in coding and technology. They have specific programs designed to earn what is called a “nanodegree.” What makes the programs here worth the time and money? Their programs are in-depth, mapped out for you, and designed to get you hired when complete. They even offer a “plus” version that guarantees you get hired or you are refunded.

Those are three resources, and there are countless other places you can go to find the knowledge you are looking for. Again, none of those resources are paying me to let you know about them. I truly just want to help you know that there are feasible paths to knowledge. There is no excuse to not get the experience and knowledge you need any more. It may take some time and it may make you miss out on some leisure, but we can save that for when we are retired! So when you get home from a long day next week, trade in that TV show just one time and try digging into a topic that interests you. When life gets tough, always remember that you can overcome your obstacles. Go learn every day.

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Welcome to the Local Eye Blog

Hello, world! Cole Torres here. I am the CEO here at Local Eye Media, LLC, and I just want to give a big welcome to everyone that comes across this page. Thank you for taking the time out to come and view this blog. I hope to bring you loads of valuable content and information . . . for free! This project and this company have been an idea that I have been tossing around for some time now, and I am very excited to bring it to life. I want this blog to be a community for people to come and get updates from Local Eye Media, LLC, learn tips and tricks about web development and online presence, follow the ups and downs of my entrepreneurial journey, and gain information on how to get ahead in business, in our careers, and in life. I am planning on reaching out to some great and successful people to help contribute content to this blog so we can all learn a little more day by day. Please choose to subscribe to our newsletter on the sidebar so you can receive all our new updates.

So why spend time on this blog?

I want to bring this blog to the world for everyone to learn and share their experiences so we can all grow in our lives. From the kid that is interested in taking up HTML, to the graduate thinking about what comes next,  to the large company CEO that wants to give back with some advice; this blog is set up for all whether or not you are interested in the web development world (feel free to skip the geek articles if you must). I want everyone that comes here to comment and interact with the community so we can all benefit from each viewpoint. Have someone that needs to be interviewed? Tell me. Think I’m wrong on a point that I make? Go ahead and call me out. Friendly debate makes the world go round, and competition helps to prevent us from getting lazy.

What angle will Cole come from?

I have a confession. I’m a millennial *gasp*.  If any of my older generation readers are still here after that just know, I’m not what you think I am. There is still a stigma about this generation, and I want to help break it. I interact with people from my generation each and every day, and I have to say that there are some brilliant people out there. I want to have a platform here where younger professionals and entrepreneurs can come and show we are engaged. I want a place we can show we want to learn from the experiences of those who came before us. I want a place for us to seek out advice on how to advance in this world and show we can live up to the potential that we have. I truly believe that open ears, hard work, and the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone will greatly increase the chance of not only reaching goals but realizing that you can reach higher than you thought possible.

So I sign off here envisioning the skyscrapers. That corner office at the top looks like it would be amazing. Race you there?

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