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If you speak with Local Eye Media, LLC you will notice that we operate a little different than other companies in our field. We like to combine a mix of business, design, and future planning methods to make sure that we not only give you an attractive online presence, but that your message and your image will resonate with buyers now and in the future. We love keeping up with design trends, modern technologies (*whatever... nerd*), and methods that help people find and buy into your brand.

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So what exactly do we do? I can list all the technologies we know and can use but most people just want to know the bottom line, so here it is: If you have a business, want to start a blog, have an vision of something you want to do online, have social media, or do anything else that involves something online, we want to help you take that vision and bring it to life with a modern style in order to reach those that view your content; young, old, or in between. Contact us and we can make sure we find an ample and affordable solution to your ideas and needs. (If you want to talk about nerd stuff, we can do that too!)

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In 2016, Local Eye Media, LLC was founded by our CEO Cole Torres. Cole is a young and passionate entrepreneur with a background in IT, sales, and marketing. While looking at the web development industry, Cole saw that many companies were still using old practices and technologies, especially in smaller towns. He also noticed sites with unnecessary flare with poor focus on getting visitors to buy into the sites content. He set out to do something different: to make modern and beautiful sites with a business minded approach. No more wasted money on unneeded and unhelpful content. Contact us now so we can show you how we can accomplish this together.

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