We use the internet to make you more money.

Local Eye Media is a digital marketing agency that cares about one thing. We don't use your money to win design awards. We take action to grow your leads and convert more people into paying customers. We're experts at it. Our founder has held executive level marketing positions and we keep a panel of other that have as well. We're not just strategists that try to put ads on the internet and we're not just nerds that want to be in marketing. We bridge the gap and finally give you both.


What we do to make you more money.
  • Most companies think they're done after writing a Facebook post. Not us. Our methods leave simply posting in the dust and help you reach thousands of people each month.
    Our strategies help maximize your reach and direct customers towards spending money with your business. We build the strategy around the unique value you have to offer and multiply your engagement through hyper-focused targeting. We provide methods to reach your potential customers all across the web from social media, to the blogs they read, to their Google results.
  • Your business is unique and has an interesting story. Why do so many businesses forget to talk about it.

    We help craft your brand story. We use this as the foundation for how we build your marketing strategy. Don't waste any more money posting things that people don't care about. Get them emotionally invested.

  • We're experts in driving your audience towards purchasing decisions. We craft custom lead funnels to make sure you have consistent growth in revenue.

    We don't promote content for the sake of promoting content. We create funnels that lead your audience towards becoming paying customers. Every action we take is dedicated to creating real leads for your business by collecting customer information and utilizing re-marketing efforts to stay in front of the eyes of the consumer.

  • We create great web pages that are crafted to display your brand story and convert visitors into paying customers. Let them find you 24/7.

    Our expert web design services provide you with custom web sites and landing pages to collect new leads. We handle every aspect to make us your one-stop-shop for your online marketing needs.

Why Hire Us

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Fueled by experts

We love business and we love marketing. Our passion is to see you grow as large as you desire. We're fueled by experts with true, real world marketing experience.

Proven results

We won't show you a pretty picture that we posted and be on our way. With us, you get to see how many people engage, how many enter your lead funnels, and how many convert.

Quality driven

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We keep open communication and do not hide any statistics from you so you can always know that you receive a great ROI.

We keep it simple

We make online marketing easy for you. We take care of all the creative and technical aspect, and we are always here to know more about how you want to appear online.

Timely execution

We get results fast. Most businesses have attempted social media marketing for years with little to no ROI. We present the raw data to show you that we quickly increased the number of people that see you.

Continual growth

There's no end to how far you can reach with online marketing. Well, really there are only about 3.2 billion internet users so if you need to reach more than that we can get you close.

Get an executive level marketing pro on your team for a fraction of the price.

About Local Eye Media

We're a digital marketing agency based in Athens, GA that is sick of seeing great businesses waste money with non-ROI producing firms. We're lovers of data and client success.

We love creating custom branded and custom built stories for our customers by implementing modern strategies that help you make more money online. Are you ready to grow your revenue?

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